5 reasons to come back here next week

This is it, the Israeli chanuka is over, and we got back from our small family vac, and the first thing i thought of is “what happened to my blog this long week?”.

Thank you all for coming back and sharing my posts, these resources and articles will help many newbies out there and can help pros with fast ready-to-use scripts.

So, what we are going to do in the next week, the last week of 2014? I created 10 reasons for you to continue reading and exploring my blog, and i am going to give you short intro .

Here are the first 5 reasons…

  1. The third chapter in the “Become a PHP developer” series is coming this week.
  2. I will send 3 unique scripts to my first 100 subscribers from sunday to friday.
  3. You will gain an extra bonus – a complete service i wrote for a customer of mine. The packge will include free key for the web service and a complete responsive design already written for you, just upload and share.
  4. As you probabely read, i will upload 3 more guest posts to the blog. I promise, you will find them interesting.
  5. A moment before christmas eve, expect the unexpected… A unique package you can not say “No” to!

The other 5 reasons you will discover after subscribing… You want to know the other reasons!

This is what i want you to have, what i request in return? Your eyes and hearts on target.

Help me continue contributing

I look at this blog as my own private baby, feeding it with knowledge and it makes me proud each download and each like i get, but i need you… All of you…

Take the time to read older posts and newer posts.

Liked it? Found it interesting/helpsul/cool/well written/amusing? SHARE it.

This site does not give me money, and i have avarage of 1500 visitors a day. In order to continue write and give you the news and tricks i can, i need you to silently promote it by sharing and comment my posts.

Your help is a moral help, and for a blogger its like giving cold glass of water to the thirsty dude next to you in the bus stop…


So, have fun, subscribe and get my eternal gratitude…

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