TODO list – For your eyes only


What we are going to make the next 12 months?

Well, last night, just before the fireworks and the huge amounts of whiskey passed through my system, we had a quick meeting, and when i say “We”, I mean me and 3 other bloggers I know, but they write in hebrew so I will not send you to their blogs right now.

I decided to share with you what we are going to do this year and how we are going to help online business owners and programmers to make things smoother and faster.

  1. First, all hebrew blogs will be transformed into English, we will translate and publish great content for developers in Hebrew,English and Russian.
  2. On 2014 we collected over 150 requests for scripts and tutorials from our readers. On 2015 we will deliver most of the requests and will publish most of them here, some of them will be for subscribers only, so, feel free to register right now.
  3. After several months of research and development, we are going to publish new services for you to create a strong development community. We are creating a resources center, full features, API and complete websites for our subscribers. This resources center will give you all free scripts and will promote our products for a tiny price. Wait for it, it will blow your mind!
  4. Obvious, we will continue to post important and useful articles and tutorials for you all, no subscription needed for that, just good eyes and patience.

These are the steps we thought about on our final meeting for 2014, I just hope we will arrive 2016 with more thoughts like these.


For the time being, stay well, share this site and continue with the great work you are doing now!

Love you all and I wish you all that the best thing happened to you on 2014 will be the worst thing on 2015!


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