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As a developer, i search the web for new and cool stuff to use on my applications and offer to my clients as services/products.

I decided to help you find new PHP related products, pure PHP or PHP driven, for your test.

The first one i will talk about is a product i used to promote as an affiliate, but after finding out the benefits of it, and the easy way to implement it on my websites and my client’s websites, this one is the best mapping script i found.


The product called “Szuper PHP Store Locator” and it has a simple task …

It Allows You To Add A Google Map To Your Website That Can Display All Your Stores Locations And Details. It Allows People To Input A Location And The Map Will Display All The Stores Within A Given Radius, And Also Directions To Get There.


How cool is that?

Because it is based on open source technologies ( PHP, MySQL and Javascript)  it is free to install on your web server (Upload,configure and you’re done). This is a major advantage over other services that require massive development around the subject.

Needless to say it has all the power of Google maps, so you can use it as a guide to your area of business.

Just go and download the latest version on zsuper.



Best of luck people…


P.S – Samuel Wistler just marked this page on Reddit… go and vote for it please 

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