Google business card

Is it real? Yes!

Is it necessary? Most likely.

Is it worth the effort? I guess not.

But this is a Google business card, people, you must have one even if it uses as a tombstone for the future generations, you must open a business card for your online business…

I work online for many years, and i tried to send people to my blog for a long time, changing and SEO-ing like crazy, and there is always something i do wrong, and the most visitors i get from social promotion and not from organic search engines.

However, i understand that i have to be present inside these monsters in order to verify my online existence and show people, that are not online geeks as myself, that Google know me and know about my services.

I just came back from a meeting with big customer (I developed their orders system), and the marketing chief looked at me the whole meeting, using her Tablet PC in hand… I thought i look extremely good this morning, but not that good 🙂

The meeting is over and the contract was signed and i took my beck bag and started walking towards the elevators when she called me and smiled…

I walked into her HUGE office, with pictures from all around the globe with known CEO’s and CTO’s and marketing gurus.

“Dear” she said nicely “I found you on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on Twitter and in many places… But you do not exist”.

“What?” I asked frightened…

“You do not have a Google business card”

And she started a TED lecture about the importance of Google existence, not for me, but for my clients.

This is a true story, happened this morning on November 24th 2014… And i discovered, again, the importance of Google in my online life.

So, is that really the deal here? Do i need to tell Google all that i do online? Is that the “New world”? With no sheriff, no boundaries, just big brother telling me what to buy and where?

Sadly yes!

But fortunately, this big brother do no evil, but creating a huge financial engine, we all can benefit only if we can behave…

good luck people, i can not open a business card on Google because i live outside the Google’s sight.

I will say what i told her :

In a world i “MUST” be in, i prefer to search elsewhere…



happy thanksgiving

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