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Hi there all,

My name is Ofer. I am a  developer for the past 18 years or so.

I started my development career as a JAVA developer for a big IT company in a local Israeli bank and worked with the best development tools and people for a long time, researching and developing smart clients for the financial market, based on banking rules and laws…Boring!

Early 2005 i discovered PHP and since than i worked my @ss to learn all the secrets of PHP and web development.

Since 2012 i am the proud CTO and co-owner of a small ad network called Pixel-im, working to make the online commercial side a little bit more friendly for online business owners, big or small, with tools and services we provide from the beginning of the company.

Take a look at Raxan post where i talk more about my development history, in this page i want you to understand what i am giving you and where i am going with it.

After years of “business oriented” development, i decided to give some back to the online PHP community by teaching, or politically say, offering you my knowledge i collected along the way, by hard work and sweat.

So, after collecting all i need to know (For now, this is a non stop process), i built a blog with all the secrets i want to share (Some i will keep, maybe for later) and resources i developed for your convenience.

In this blog you can find all you need to create powerful PHP Ajax applications.

Every period i will publish a script and its tutorial, downloadable for free, and support is an email away.

Feel free to contact me for what ever comes to mind.

Now, start reading and filling the blanks


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