I am so proud to announce

After almost a year developing and preparing, this is the time, a whole month earlier, to give you the first glance, a rare opportunity to be the first ones to get the ofermisk.com services and products on a new and well-formed API and download management.

When it starts? Just before October, September 21st, the new and most advanced resources center is about to launch..

I want you to be the first to gain access to it, and you can do that by a simple early registration.

Just go ahead and sign yourselves, it will give you much more than you think.

As i talked about it the past several months, some of the APIs will be quota oriented, meaning, you will have a number of monthly calls, and you will find it good ratio, but not the best you can get.

So,early registration will give you 6 months with the biggest quota for API calls, and 25% off on all scripts, systems and websites for life…YES, for life… Ain’t it crazy?????


Click now and get the best seats in the theater for the greatest PHP and web show ever created…

Register Now!


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