I stand with France!

I am sitting in front of the news, on my computer, while my business partner is spreading his legs on the couch… And than we hear the horrible news.

France has been bitten by the radical snake that tries to make us all something far from humans…

We decided to post this small support to the french people and tell them we are standing strong with them against the terror and the few that make a whole religion look bad.

I know Muslims, i work with Muslims and i live around Muslims, this is not the Islam, this is a barbarian gang, fighting the wrong fight with the basics of an Islamic revolution.

This is terror, nothing else, and the french people, Muslims especially, have to stand strong and fight this cancer with strong fist and proud. Democracy is not just the authorities, it is a way of life, and we will fight for our way of life.

As an Israeli, i know these┬átimes are hard, and the sadness is huge, but tomorrow, when you wake up, take a stand, and as a french, protest against hatred wherever you see it, don’t die for the cause, fight for it!

We stand with you France, and we hope this tragedy will bring peace eventually.


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