Need to start PHP-ing?

w3schools certified

w3schools certified

The most important thing about learning PHP, is that you never stop learning!

However, when I first started it was hard to follow all the changes and objects and classes out there, and to be honest, it took me long time to learn how to learn.

I posted several posts, asking developers where they get their knowledge, and the answers were vague and full of useless information.

Nowadays i am a long time developer, and by now i have my methods to stay up to date with the latest features and changes, but this is after many years developing and searching.

This post is for you, the newbie developer, that maybe know hoe to code, but do not understand all it says on the PHP manual (Which is the best way to know stuff, but after knowing the basics plus).

So, the first steps for each developer (And you will see that you will get back to it 10 years from now too) is to learn all it has in w3schools PHP section. Why? Because it has all the information on each feature, and much much more.

The main difference between  w3schools PHP and other PHP tutorial websites, that w3schools PHP provide a “Show PHP” , a tool that makes it easy to learn PHP, it shows both the PHP source code and the HTML output of the code.

You can read the tutorial and follow the instructions and abilities. It has a full-page for each feature, with all the possibilities to it and a sample code you can run from the website, without the trouble of downloading sample code and put it on a local PHP server and run it. Just click the “Run Example” and you are good to learn.

The w3schools PHP is the basics, but it has the full package for intermediate and advanced developers, that need to leave the brain cells to actual developing and not remembering the bits and bites of each feature or code pieces.

Start your education today!
In no time you will control the web…

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  1. Hosting

    It seems that PHP recognizes a non-prefixed file name as an absolute path in a require_once, and that it computes this absolute path from a relative context. A pointing to file B, and require_once in the file B pointing to file A, in some configurations you will get stuck also wouldn’t it be nice to manage that to prevent getting stuck AND use the good old Java import?


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