PWA apps and the new revolution

These days there are several apps for reading the daily psalms chapters, but they weight allot and you must install an app on your device,
but now there is a new option, much simpler and much much chipper in space on your device.
Introducing PWA psalms app.
The PWA stands for “progressive web apps”, which mean, you do not have to install big package and worry about installation, upgrade and all, you simply go to a web site address
and save the bookmark from your browser on your device desktop.
From this point on, the bookmark will behave as an app on your device, with the biggest change, it does not have resources on your device, plus the big benefit the bookmark takes small space and does not use your inner OS
The website can upload new versions without making your device work hard, it is just like surf to a website, that can communicate with your device parts.
Google and Apple are these days realize PWA is the next generation of device apps that can generate a single point to all OS’s and devices. The developers from Google work hard to maintain a steady and powerful
APIs for the common app maker.
PWA makes it easy for web developers to continue their own expertise and create new features and powerful apps without using big and heavy SDK’s and commit upgrade for each device separately.
After understanding the needs, it is now faster development and much more prestigious i can easily say this is the biggest jump from the early days of applications on devices, this is really a “User first” methodology, that the big companies
understand they need to put on front.
It began by creating great UX websites on regular web, and now the revolution completes with making minimum use of the user’s device power, and transfer the heavy duty to the company’s servers and logic.
As a web developer that always wanted to get into the multi device programming, i find this revolution a great step towards a stable versions in all big and medium apps. Until April 2018 we will see growth in PWA and reduction in APK and IOS installations, the only fear i have is
the fact that the native written apps will fight the new revolution by power and offline money.
But there is a way to go until we will know all there is to know about the change.
Hope for the best like me, and we will make it happen, more space, better performance, less effort and “User First” !!!
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Best of luck,
May god be with you where ever you go!

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