Raxan framework

Many of you readers contact me about my older post about the Raxan framework, that i wrote several months ago. All of you are saying the same (And right) thing, that the post is too strict, dry information like an ad.

So, i want to be clear. I am a long time websites and online systems developer, i wrote 100’s of websites and 10’s systems that work on… You right… PHP Raxan Framwork.

On my life online, i worked as a freelancer for so long, i remember the birth of every major event about online development, and from a JAVA IT developer i got into the online world with so much passion, my wife got envy. I studied my @ss out and learned to develop in the standards i got from working in a financial business, where rules are rules and you better continue develop right, or you will be removed.

After knowing everything i known about PHP and CSS and JS (Back than JQuery and Ajax where an idea somewhere), i started getting jobs, just design at first and later on i offered my client “smart” websites with galleries and contact forms and SMTP…It seems to be so long ago, these days i just get the plug-in, configure it a little, and call it from an AJAX method…

This is when i learned all about AJAX and JQuery, the new “WOW” in the online development world. I was an addict, reading and testing day and night, my day job almost not existed, and i became an expert with many frameworks and templates, creating a full tracking system for clients in no time, and i cost A LOT.

My clients wanted every thing, and i found my self doing the same thing over and over again, i wanted a framework i can shape in my own image (Sort of speak), and for two whole months i looked for the perfect framework, but all of them was, at best, hard to extract and manipulate, and each simple task required 3 different scripts… i needed something simple.

I started creating one myself, and on research i discovered this tiny, flexible and powerful framework, hiding on the 6th page of google search on “PHP Framework”… it was called Raxan.

Around 2010 i had good income from selling my speciality to the highest bidder, and i¬†started my own company, based on my knowledge about the affiliate marketing world… This is when Pixel-im was born, and i started to get a bigger paycheck and a bigger appetite for knowledge.

That was the first full system written with Raxan framework… It was (And still is) a success. I manipulated the framework in no time, it is so flexible and well written and documented, this is actually the best decision i made, working with a small and unknown framework.

This is why i wanted you to learn it, and learn what i discovered during the process of becoming your own online God…

Take a quick look on the features and benefits on my older post (“Introducing Raxan“) and download it, this will be a good choice (And a nice adition) for your next project

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