The new and improved original me

After creating Pixel-im, i created the Original me icon, so whatever you download or share on your social profiles, you will always know this is a Ofer Misk original.

But it became too familiar with my project, pixel-im, and customers and hubs were confused, so i decided to separate myself from my project, and finally give my project a life of its own, it is now the time to make a new Original me.

I worked with a good friend of mine and created :

The new Ofer Misk Original

The new Ofer Misk Original

Say hello to my little friend.

After so many hours, this tiny little fellow is my new Original me icon.

His name is OME, like OMG, but with no religion issues.

He believe in peace, and he will try to make the best in 2 paths :

  1. Make the best PHP and AJAX resources and APIs for you to use and download.
  2. Take a stand to bring peace closer to home.

And if you think this is just another icon, i made a little surprise for you, i took a picture of me with the same clothes while drawing my new friend… Take a look and try to see who is the real one…



Me and my Original me


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