The power of spinned text

We all agree that no matter how many articles you read about the subject, the content is still the online king. The one with unique and Qualitative content will be the first in all traffic generators over the web.

For that simple reason, we have 100’s of services providing you spinned text opportunities. Service like Super article spinner or the free online spinbot gives you the power to create multiple unique contents with minimum time spent on the so crucial task.

why do i need Text spinner ?

When you sit in front of your computer and decide to write an article, you can only launch one copy for each article engine and articles directories.

But when you publish an article so many times, with the same content, somewhere along the way it becomes the content equivalent to trash… The search engines refer to it many times as spam, and your blog (Which most of the time is the source for the publish) get bad PR and bad rankings due to duplicate content.

So, What is Text spinner ?

Good question, i see you are into this post 🙂

Most of the words in any language has similar or related meaning to another word, the scientific word for it is “synonyms“.

For example, one synonym of sad is “gloomy” however, this word carries quite a negative connotation. Depending on the circumstance you can use it, but if you just want to say that someone is “down,” then another synonym such as “blue” or “unhappy” would be more applicable.

Text spinning is a way to create several versions of the same paragraph with synonyms, and text spinner will give you the ability to write such content and will generate a unique content according to the synonyms you gave.

Lets see a quick example :

You wrote this line in your content : “I want to learn basketball”.

From this sentence we learn you want to learn basketball, isn’t it nice? but this sentence can only user you if you wish to learn only basketball.

You can write : “I want to learn basketball or soccer or football or 8ball”.

This will make you Undecided.

You want to write a sentence that will give you a simple explanation, but you want it to be dynamic, to write each time another sport branch you wish to learn.

So, here comes the text spinner.

spinnerAs you can see, the text spinner is divided into two sections :

  1. Row articles/content – The place to write your original text with a simple to use syntax for adding the choose option for the spinner, using synonyms (Will elaborate soon).
  2. Output : The output for the spinning action.

From the image above, you can see in the Row article section a strange sentence syntax. This is the spinning syntax.

The Curly brackets come to tell the text spinner where there is a synonyms choose option. The spinner will select one of the words/sentences between the brackets and paste it instead of the whole curly brackets.

The options are inside curly brackets and options are separated by ‘|’.

So, if we take our basketball example, and we will write the sentence like this :

“I want to learn {soccer|football|basketball|8ball|ballet|dancing|to fly}”

The text spinner will know how to get the spinning block and choose one of the options in it.

The text spinner supports chained brackets, so if we write :

“I want to learn {soccer|football|basketball|8ball|ballet|dancing {Jazz|HipHop|Modern}|to fly}”

We will get even more versions of the same text.

The output for that can be as many possibilities the spinner can get :

  • “I want to learn basketball”
  • “I want to learn dancing Jazz”
  • “I want to learn ballet”
  • “I want to learn soccer”
  • “I want to learn dancing HipHop”
  • “I want to learn 8ball”

Think about the possibilities, about the uniqueness of the same content you only have to write once.

the example above is a simple one, but you can generate great content, unique and new each click.

Oh, it free…

Download now :   TheTextSpinner

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