Want to angry Google? Transform youtube video to MP3

What is the difference between Google and the file sharing sites? Google says there is a difference of heaven and earth, of course, but content companies do not see the big differences. User looking for information that is not legally entitled, Google often provides a better response from some BitTorrent site – that it is coming through.

Google feels uncomfortable with this sacrifice. More complicated situation if mentioned YouTube, one of Google’s services, music library is actually the world’s largest open. Unless the author noticed that his work is there. Google says it removes all the video revealed a copyright issue, which is often true.

But there are those who do not settle for YouTube streaming as a service. Youtube popular service-mp3.org takes the voice channel of YouTube videos, and turns it into an MP3 file that the user can download his straight play. According to Google, about 1.5 million visitors use the site each day.

All this raises the Google itself in the crosshairs of the content and record companies. Therefore, the search giant sent to a threatening letter, which is required to stop work in a week or legal consequences. Google’s letter indicates that the site violated the YouTube terms of use, which probably is true. Meanwhile, Google has blocked access to YouTube, so it can not act.

There are alternatives to youtube-mp3, of course – and ironically you can find them in a simple Google search. At least one other site reported similar threatening letter, Google does not seem in the mood to negotiate.

Translated by Samuel, a great co-writer 

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